Sunday, 15 April 2012

Exotic Toys & Gifts

Model No: CCBC01
Cleavage Control Bra Clips (3 Pcs)
Available colors: black, white, nude
This Intelligent product gently pulls back your bra straps, redistributing the weight from your chest and achieves a lift and a perk to your breasts simply and easily.
♥ Increases Your Cup Size in Seconds ♥
♥ Improves Your Posture ♥
♥ Lifts and Supports Breasts ♥
♥ Prevents Falling Bra Straps ♥
♥ Keeps Bra Straps from Cutting into Shoulders ♥
♥ No Surgery Needed ♥
♥ Look Good and Feel Sexy! ♥
Price: S$5.00 (per 3 pcs/color)

Erotic Dices

Model No: ED001
Love Dices
One for each couple, throw the dices and get wild in action according to the results.
Price: S$10.00 (per pair)

Model No: ED002
Beer Dice
Drinkers take their turn to throw the dice and get "punished" accordingly.
Price: S$5.00 (per dice)

Animated Erotic Key Chain

Introduction: The love positions are movable from 1 point to another point. Sex education consists of six love positions.

Model No: EK001
Love Position 1
Price: S$15.00

Model No: EK002
Love Position 2
Price: S$15.00

Model No: EK003
Love Position 3
Price: S$15.00

Model No: EK004
Love Position 4
Price: S$15.00

Model No: EK005
Love Position 5
Price: S$15.00

Model No: EK006
Love Position 6
Price: S$15.00

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