Sunday, 15 April 2012

C String (Sold Out)

***Sorry All Sold Out!!!***

Introducing to the the new and exciting innovation in lingerie, the invisible thong --- C String. It's time to say goodbye to unwanted panty line and uncomfortable straps. C String can be worn under your favorite clothes such as Jeans, Pants, Dresses and Skirts.
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Type A - C String:
1 for S$18
Type B - C String
1 for S$15

In stocks design available:One Size fits most
(not more than 65kg)

Type A

Model No: A01 (Out of Stocks)Color: White

Model No: A02
Color: White

Model No: A03
Color: Black

Model No: A04Color: red

Model No: A05Color: Blue

Model No: A06Color: Zebra print

Model No: A07Color: Cow print

Model No: A08
Color: Leopard print

Model No: A09
Color: Pink paillette

Model No: A10-1Color: Golden paillette

Model No: A10-2Color: Golden paillette

Type B
Model No: BL03
Color: Leopard print

Model No: BB01
Color: Black

Model No: BW02Color: White

Model No: BR06
Color: Red


How does it look like?

The front of the C-String is like any normal thong like panty and the back is the thong strip without any side straps.

How to wear?No side straps, just simply slide into place and that's it. It fits your figure perfectly with a flexible internal frame that hugs and holds the C-String in place. Also, it's Once Size fits most.

What material does it made of?
Polyester and Polyestimate.

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